Preview: The Great Book of John (Bottletree, 7/6/12)

by Andy McWhorter

Even in Birmingham, a city where you usually discover local bands by accident, in a dark bar on a Saturday night, there are a few acts that, even if you haven’t seen them, you’ve probably heard of at some point. Occasionally, a band or an artist will grow beyond Birmingham, like Verbena or Wild Sweet Orange, but there’s a space in-between national success and no-name-hood. Many of the artists on local Birmingham label Communicating Vessels fall into this in-between space. The Great Book of John and The Green Seed, both on Communicating Vessels, were among a group of Birmingham bands to visit the annual South by Southwest festival last year. Both acts will be playing Friday, July 6 at The Bottletree Cafe, along with hip-hop duo Shaheed and DJ Supreme, as part of a Communicating Vessels showcase.

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